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The alluring shape of our Soft Juice blends in perfectly with any home interior. Wouldn’t this Aroma Diffuser look great on your TV cabinet or in your little reading corner? We’d...


The alluring shape of our Soft Juice blends in perfectly with any home interior. Wouldn’t this Aroma Diffuser look great on your TV cabinet or in your little reading corner? We’d say yes!

Do you suffer from a dry throat, headache, stuffy nose, dry skin or red eyes? Do you recognize the cold feeling while the heating is on? Do you often experience dry air and all the associated woes in your home or workplace?

This can all be prevented with the purchase of an Aroma Diffuser! An Aroma Diffuser is a humidifier and an aroma diffuser in one. The organic and elegant model is an asset to your interior.

By mixing essential oil with the water, you not only moisten the room, but also spread a pleasant smell. This prevents all the aforementioned inconveniences. Besides that the Aroma Diffuser is conducive to your health, it is also good for your houseplants. For a small price you have a great pleasure.

All the rooms in your home are suitable for an Aroma Diffuser. From the bedroom, to the living room and the baby room. In the corridor to ensure a pleasant entry, to the bathroom to mask any unpleasant odors. In the office or in the study room to promote concentration, or in the baby room for a relaxing atmosphere.


As an entrepreneur, an Aroma Diffuser is also a good purchase. Your workplace smells delicious in no time, and thus becomes a pleasant place to receive customers. Think a beauty salon, massage parlor, gym, spa or hair salon. But also a waiting room at, for instance, the GP, or the reception of a hotel. With a nice fragrance, customers, clients or visitors feel more at ease. Aroma Diffusers are also often used in Yoga and meditation. Also nursing homes, retirement homes, kindergartens and shelters, especially in these rooms, there is little ventilation and the heating is often on, so dry air or unpleasant odors are inevitable.

Our Aroma Diffusers are super easy to use and are easy to get operational. Within minutes you will notice the effect of the Aroma Diffuser.

The right scent for the right atmosphere.

With an Aroma Diffuser and the right essential oil, every desired space smells delicious. Scents affect your emotions; you become happy, relaxed, calm or more alert when you smell a certain smell. Which smell is right varies per person. Smell influences your subconscious and is very decisive for your state of mind. All our essential oils have, in addition to a wonderful fragrance, other effects. Read the effects on body and soul per oil and make the perfect choice for you and your home. Our essential oils are 100% organic and therefore promote your health.

Safety and specifications

The diffuser has a capacity of 300 ml, allows your room to smell nice for 3 to 10 hours and promotes the humidity. As soon as the water runs out, the diffuser switches off automatically. The Aroma Diffuser is equipped with LED lighting that can be set to on or off. The diffuser is 12cm high and 15cm wide. Material pp5. The essential oils can be ordered separately and are not included with the diffuser.

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Is your diffuser not quite as desired? All aroma diffusers are returnable if unused, for hygienic reasons. You may unbox the product to have a look at it. Other products such as oils are non-returnable.

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